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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  March 11, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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we are starting off this try morning with breaking news. there has been a major earthquake in japan. the earthquake struck about four hours ago followed by several aftershocks. the japanese government confirms at least five people have been killed. the quake unleashed a tsunami. the tsunami pushed a wave of mud and debris over farmland n other areas, it carries dozens of boats, cars and even entire buildings. the tsunami warning now
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includes hawaii and the rest of the pacific ocean. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. we want to get a check on our other big story and that is the weather. we had that rain that just stayed with us all through the day and even into the overnight hours. tuck? >> you got it. it is all out of here and we are looking at all of this big spin pulling that out. generally speaking, the worst is over for today. could be a few pore scattered showers but generally, the
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worst is over. 47 in ocean city. our highs later this afternoon, a little cooler than yesterday, still not bad. the possibility of an afternoon shower. 54degrees your daytime high. more details on the forecast in a minute. >> thank you. make sure to leave plenty of time to get around today. tucker was talking about the rain overnight and some of those showers sticking with us. there is standing water along many roads from all the rain. canal road is still shut down following yesterday's mudslide that sent debris on to the road. there were also problems of high water on beach drive. soy a former campaign aide has fired a-- a former campaign aide has
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hired a lawyer. lindsay murphy spoke one on one with doc walker about the labor dispute. >> i'm banking on it. it will probably be five minutes and they will come to the realization that this is too good to mess up. i mean even by these two factors, you have to come to the understanding that this is as good as it gets in all of sports. they got there by a reason by putting the product there that people want. >> is this as simple as the nfl saying we'll open your books and you can see why we want this extra check. the player union says why you want this extra billion. >> yes, transparency. no, i don't think so. i think they'll fight that tooth and nail.
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i'm not mad at them for that. don't give me full disclosure and say i'd like to take another billion. i don't blame you for trying. i think what the players association has shown right now is that they are united. greed is the killer of all of this. the greedy character in this will hurt everyone. >> do the players trust the owns are when it comes to money? >> i wouldn't. the owners don't have a track record of trust. it is not that they're being deceitful. they are doing what they are allowed to do. when you look at the tragedies of my breghtd rent who are disabled as a result of the sport. we all chose to do it, loved being a part of it but don't want to be cut off at the end of t now, this is the greatest port of all time. when i grew up, baseball was america's game.
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we know where that is now. the nfl ought to pay attention to this, seize the moment and build on this. i think there is enough to go around for everyone. >> doc walker says a deal will get done. thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts. >> always a pleasure. we're still on top of the breaking news which out of japan today, a powerful earthquake measuring 8.9 struck overnight there have been several strong aftershocks this morning including a 7.4 magnitude aftershock which happened about 0 minutes following the initial earthquake. the japanese government confirms at least five people have been killed in the massive earthquake. a tsunami warning now includes hawaii and the rest of the pacific ocean. a lesser tsunami watch is issued for the entire western coast of the united states and canada from the mexican botheredder to alaska. a 10-foot tsunami has already flooded farmland in
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northeastern japan where there is devastating damage. you can see the fire burning there n other areas, dozens of cars, boats and even buildings were carried away. we want to get a check on the weather here. >> around here, i guess our weather fails in comparison but still some serious stuff as we had veer thunderstorms and the threat of rain -- severe thunderstorms and the threat of rain. we are looking at quieter weather today. we'll take a look at the radar. the rain shower activity, heavy rain moving through during the evening hours. you probably knew that. it is off the coast. there it is off to the north and east. still a few leftover showers. you kind of see the green there just east of washington, maybe
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up towards laurel and beltsville but that generally is winding down. the trend around here will be a gradual improvement. we won't have a perfectly sunny day. we could have one or two scatter the showers out and about during the course of the day. with highs in the mid-50s, i think it will feel pretty good. humidity, 93%. your wind are out of the north at three miles per hour. today features some sunshine and some temperatures in the 50s and one or two sprinkles or showers this afternoon. best chance is north of the city. that is a look at the weather forecast. i'll have more on the weekend. the weekend looks spring-like. >> thank you, tuck. we do have a traffic alert out there this morning. leave yourself plenty of time to get around. there is standing water along beach drive. canal road is still shut down following yesterday's mudslide. i dealt with a lot of road spray from the truckers that were driving this morning. what is the latest on the
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roads? >> you are absolutely right. canal road, big story yesterday and this morning for you guys who are trying to make your way into northwest washington and over towards georgetown university and continuing over onto m street in through georgetown. that will be a headache again this morning because it is still blocked off. canal road shut down in each direction between foxhall road and arizona avenue just after the chain bridge. no access to this this morning. there was a lot of bailout yesterday on the gw parkway and that is what we're expecting again this morning. canal road is shut down in each direction between foxhall road and arizona avenue until further notice. coming down the hill from foxhall, that remains open at this point. no incidents to report south along 270. as gurvir mentioned, a lot of road spray from the person in front of you.
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no rain coming down but had the wipers on full blast for my trip n. a strong earthquake struck overnight in japan. the quake triggered a massive tsunami sweeping boats, cars and tons of debris miles inland. we get more from sherry ly who is live in the newsroom following the developments. >> reporter: good morning. japan's prime minister said the 8.9 magnitude earthquake caused major damage in broad areas t triggered a massive tsunami. at least one person is confirmed dead. dozens more are reported as well. tsunami warnings have been posted through outthe pacific including hawaii and the u.s. mainland from california to washington state and alaska. that quake struck japan's east coast more than 200 miles from tokyo. the tsunami swept the shore along 1300 miles of coastline. a wall of water 13 feet high
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swept away boats, cars and even buildings. fires continue to burn out of control. that appears to be the wrong video there. flames shot from homes and buildings. the government is preparing to accepted troops to quake- ravagedded areas. nuclear power plants shut down but no nuclear leaks have been detected. a river of sludge and water crept over farm lands. in tokyo, hundreds of miles away, buildings shook for more than 30 minutes after that main quake. one of the aftershocks measureed a 7.4 magnitude, larger than the quake that hit new zealand recently. hundreds of people were evacuated from the trains in tokyo and the city's subway has suspended operations. in the philippines, evacuations have now been ordered where a three foot tsunami is expected to hit. the u.s. geological survey says
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the first we've could hit hawaii about 3:07 hawaii time. that is about 8:00 a.m. here on the east coast, just a few hours from now. this morning's earthquake is the third one in asia this week. another one hit southern china near the border with burma yesterday. dramatic traffic cam shows people falling off motorbikes and struggling to walk street. twenty-five people were killed and 1,000 homes destroyed. turning now to the developing mayoral saga unfolding in the district. first, mayor gray got one of the biggest name lawyers in town and now a former cam ain't aide has hired a familiar name, glen ivey. howard brooks is accused of helping pay sulaimon brown. this comes one day after mayor gray hired bob bennett. mayor grey denies the claims
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but the mayor is also facing other questions about nepotism. brooks' son was hired by the city. >> howard brooks, his son, independent, has resigned from your economic development agency. that is kind of quick. why did he step down? >> i think you would have to ask him. but there have been questions raised about the children of some of my staff working and i think the best thing to do was for them to leave. they have excellent credentials. he is an attorney. but to avoid the appearance of any impropriety here, they left. >> reporter: sources close to the arrangement tell us that former prince george's county attorney glen ivey has been hired. some d.c. public school teachers fired have now having
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their voices heard. the arbitrator says teachers were never given and splaipg who for why they were fired in the first in place. last week, teachers say they got letters from d.c. public schools with comments about why they were fired. >> one of the thins it said in my letter was there were boxes of textbooks that i wouldn't open. >> i was never written up. i was never -- i never received bad evaluations. it was always about what i was wearing or my personal life. >> the arbitrator also ruled the teachs are should receive two years back pay. d.c. public schools plans to appeal that ruling. stay with us. we have much more straight ahead. coming up, new developments in the charlie sheen saga. police raided the actor's home overnight and word of an agreement in his custody battle with his ex-wife. we'll check more headlines. ♪
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there is still no deal and the clock is winding down. nfl players and owners are still trying to divide the money. the league's top negotiators says owners are hoping to hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement sometime today. >> if both sides have an equal commitment to getting this done, it will get down. players could file antitrust lawsuits against the nfl. there may also not be pro football this fall. in wisconsin, the state assembly has passed a new bill on union rights without the chamber of 14 missing democrats. that bill will take away most collective bargaining rights from public workers. rallies against the measures have attracted thousands of
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protestors over the past three weeks. wednesday, republican state lawmaker found a loophole which allowed them to pass the bill. more trouble for charlie sheen. police raided his home. the los angeles police department was at the home for a preplanned raid. officers apparently looking for weapons. having a weapon who violate the temporary restraining order that charlie sheen's ex-wife brook mueller has against him. this comes just a few hours after sheen and mueller reached a settlement in their custody dispute. details of that arrangement have not yet been released. coming up, daylight savings time could affect your ride on metro this weekend. we'll explain that. a sea of strollers in a room full of deep discounts. economists say the recession is over but here bargain hunting is going strong. the rain is out of here. we are generally looking at drier conditions. i'll have all the details on your forecast and julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic.
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news of a major earthquake in japan where a tsunami has flooded the northeast. more than 50 countries in the pacific are on alert for a tsunami now. there is all a snoqualmie warning for the west coast of the united states and canada. one report is saying at least 15 people were killed. the government has only
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confirmeled five deaths. in the last hour, tsunami warning sirens have been going off in hawaii and other islands around the pacific are bracing for the tidal we've. we will be following those developments through the morning. anything new that comes in, we'll pass that along. >> before we get to weather. i need you to run my prompter. >> that is the last time i'm doing this. >> this is for you. today is gurvir's last day here at fox 5. she is headed to our sister station in atlanta. i don't know if you noticed yesterday, but viewers have been leaving messages on our facebook page. >> really? >> most of them have been nice. >> i want to read you just a couple of them. patricia moore says i will miss the want are you have with tony and tucker. love hearing about the twins and, of course, the horses. i enjoyed watching you in the morning. i will truly miss your beautiful shill. good luck, gurvir. you will be missed. good luck to you.
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we will welcome back you back to the area absolutely any time. >> that is very sweet. >> isn't that sweet? >> don't make me start crying. it's early i'm going to be here until 10:00 this morning so come on now. >> i too was just amazed at how generous everybody was on facebook. you got to take a look. you have literally over a hundred comments. overwhelming and humbling at the same time. >> cue the tears. >> stop. >> stay tuned, gurvir will cry later in the show. the weather looks partly sunny. we'll have highs in the mid- 50s. that is an improvement over yesterday, right? >> uh-huh. >> we've still got a little cloudiness in the forecast. your rainfall totals from yesterday, close to an inch and a half at dulles and reagan. the asterisk you see indicating
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the records. bwi marshall had a record, 2.61 inches. you could see a sprinkle on your way out to work this morning but then the sunshine should start to break up the cloudiness here during the course of the day. we won't be perfectly sunny. the reason why, we have an upper level low which is still spinning off to the north and west. as that moves to the north, some clouds will move into the region. we are expecting much quieter weather not today but right through the weekend. 45degrees at reagan national. 39 now in gaithersburg. 45 in quantico and leonardtown, much quieter weather. temperatures, they will cooperate too. we'll be enjoying highs in the 50s here later this afternoon. it could be a scattered shower early this morning and then again this afternoon. we are talking 10 or 20% chance
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so most of the day should be dry. winds out of the west at five to 10 miles per hour. winds will continue to kick up a little bit out of the west overnight. tomorrow, 60 degrees with sunshine. sunday, not bad either. there will be some clouds late in the day. we could have a few showers early monday. but mostly we'll be dry for the next five days. let's look at the traffic with julie wright. >> i think that saying good-bye to gurvir, it is only fair that you and tony go over and help pack up the house. >> i'm asking what i'm going to get. >> i'm getting the gucci pumps
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that she's only worn one time. we've crew here trying to clean up the mud and rocks that came down yesterday. the clean-up continues. it forces everybody over to the gw parkway. i have a feeling that will be the same scene this morning. this portion of canal road remains blocked off between foxhall road and arizona avenue. foxhall remains open notch problems to report there. key bridge looks good coming in out of roslyn. road spray kicking up in your pace from the person approximate front of you but other than that, pretty much a calm commute around town. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. of course, we spring forward this weekend and daylight saving time could affect your ride on metro. metro is reminding riders that we do move the clocks ahead at 2:00 in the overnight hours of
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saturday. checking our consume are alert, you can now buy the new ipad 2 online and later today, can you buy it at the store t went on sale online at 4:00 this morning and stores will start selling these at 5:00 this evening. the ipad starting price is $499. the recession may be over but consumers are still bargain hunting. one of the biggest consignment sales of children's items and clothing kicks off in montgomery county, maryland. melanie alnwick has a preview. >> reporter: by car, cart or stroller, moms are using any means possible to unload a whole lot of stuff. >> pretty much everything that was in my house. i think i've brought about a thousand articles. >> reporter: for them, spring cleaning means heading to the montgomery county fair grounds ground for the huge consignment sale. >> as you can see, we are
4:52 am
bursting at the seams. >> reporter: during the recession, consignment made a roaring cask. return sellers say it is a permanent shift in philosophy. >> i think frugal living is always a good idea. you just never know what will happen. >> i also like the idea of just reducing and reusing and recycling as much as possible. >> reporter: shoppers get great deals. con signers get a minimum of 65% of the sales price, more for they volunteer to help. >> great earnings. 70%. you can't get that at any consignment store you would go to. >> reporter: sellers do have to organize and tag all that you are items and everything has to pass inspection. >> look it over for stains and typical stuff you see on kids clothes. >> reporter: before it can hit the sales floor. there is clothes, books and bedding, toys and games, even top shelf dolls. all gently loved but ready for a new home.
4:53 am
though the prices are small, moms say each little thing has value. >> it is a good sentimental journey to kind of remember, oh, remember when he wore this and he slid down the slide for the first time. >> reporter: but eventually the time comes to make room for new things and pass along the memories to another mom who needs them. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> sounds great. plenty straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. up next, was your child born to be a star athlete? a controversial genetic test may help you find the answer to that question. the terps are off and running in the acc tournament. another huge obstacle set for tonight. we'll take a look it the sports on the other side of the break. tucker will be joining me. this is a strawberry pop-tart.
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the maryland terps still alive in their quest to make a run to the big dance. >> one down, three to go in the acc tournament but they still
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face long odds. terps versus nc state and the wolf pack. jordan williams out on the break. the great speed from howard, 15 points and 1 boards for williams. maryland by nine at the half. second half, still running. give and go with williams. he will finish with the lay-in. nine for tucker. terps extend the lead for 60- 46. they play number two seeded duke tonight. other first round ask virginia against miami. virginia lets get this one get away. with 40 seconds late, miami would rally to tie up the game. they won this one in overtime. they beat virginia 69-62. up next, top-seeded unc. great game yesterday. u. conn against number one pitt.
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final seconds. game tied. look at this move. walker pulls up and hits the game winner. u. conn advances. they win 76-746789. the caps host the carolina hurricanes tonight at the verizon center. they are playing well. >> that is good enough no second place in the easter bunny conference. caps coming off an impressive win on wednesday, alex ovechkin scoring twice including this nifty goal. check it out. he has moved into third place in caps history. yesterday morning, ted leonsis and the team were back for the team photos. here is a question. was your child born to anen elite athlete. the answer can actually be found in one of their mail order kits. >> not everyone is on board with this idea.
4:58 am
laura evans has more on the controversial test. >> reporter: elizabeth marston is a 10-year-old soccer player whose athletic aspirations go far beyond just kicking the ball around with her dad. >> i hope i can be in the olympics because i love soccer a lot. >> reporter: her dad has big dreams for her too. last year, he bought a genetic testing kit that told him elizabeth has one type of gene that has been linked to explosive bursts of strength and speed. the kit costs $170. >> this tool helps me realize she has this power, strength and sprint gene which means she is already in the 08 percentile. >> many doctors are opposed to the test saying they can rob kids of the choice to enjoy the sports and activities of their choice. steven ross: >> parents should not pursue this test. the hazard is that parents will use it to change what their children are doing being direct
4:59 am
them to certain activities or away from other activities. >> reporter: mat carothers is an executive with atlas sports genetics. >> i think it has been misconstrued to say this explains or we are asaying that this test will tell you you can be the next olympic athlete. it is not. it kind of illuminates a bit of a darker path on understanding what your body is capable of as you mature and go through life. >> reporter: marston sees the test as something he can use to encourage his daughter to folkous something where she is more likely to succeed. >> little just a tool. i believe that any child is nurtured with positive influence, you can do it, can you do it. >> reporter: ross says the science behind these tests is still in its infancy. he


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